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Melbourne Venetian Plaster

The leaders of Venetian Plaster 

San Marco Group - Painters & Decorators - Venetian Plaster - Melbourne

Venetian Plaster is a trowel-applied lime-based plaster that contains marble and mineral aggregates, allowing the applicator to achieve bespoke finishes. Venetian Plaster is commonly viewed as a high-end finish, but recent developments in finishes have allowed us to come up with less labor-intensive looks, allowing for more budget-friendly applications.

Areas of application?

Venetian Plaster can be applied to any indoor wall or ceiling space and is commonly used for feature walls or on ceilings that have problems with glancing light due to its hiding power. Although recently there has been a design shift, and many designers and architects are specifying Venetian plaster throughout the home, retail, hospitality, or commercial setting.


Venetian plaster can be finished in thousands of different ways: smooth, shiny, matte, lightly textured, heavily textured, the list goes on. It can be customized to fit within the design intent, budget, and finished look the designer is looking for.

  • It can be finished in almost any color.

  • It is easy to maintain.

  • Strong and hard-wearing.

  • Seamless, no joins.

  • Aesthetically pleasing.

  • Can be tailored to achieve a classical, modern, or industrial look based on design.

  • Perfect as an alternative to tiles or stone.

  • Commercial applications.


Get in touch with us for a quote on your next Venetian plaster project or to aid in the design process. If you are a designer or architect, please ask us for our sample boxes containing a myriad of Venetian plaster finishes.


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