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Venetian Plaster Training Workshop

We provide comprehensive Venetian Plaster training in Melbourne, enabling you to excel as a Venetian Plasterer or seamlessly incorporate Venetian Plaster into your business repertoire.

Venetian Plastering Training & Course Information

We take you through the entire process of applying venetian plaster, covering preparation, application and maintenance to achieve a stunning venetian plaster feature wall


In-depth exploration of crucial initial phases, including preparing, estimating material volumes, establishing project costs, as well as strategizing work plans and adhering to OH&S regulations.


Concluding with finishing the feature walls covering techniques such as burnishing, sealing, or waxing, which ultimately culminate in achieving diverse finishes


An immersive experience in working with the various materials employed in crafting exquisite feature walls. Participants have the opportunity to create their own samples, gaining hands-on insight into the tactile characteristics and performance attributes of each product


Assembling and organizing the requisite materials and tools for the tasks at hand.

Venetian Plastering Training Course in Melbourne

Our intensive one day training workshop commences at 9 am and concludes around 3pm, with slight variations based on participant numbers.


To ensure personalized attention, we maintain a maximum class size of 6 individuals, enabling our trainers to dedicate ample time to each participant's growth.


These workshops occur monthly in our Mount Dandenong based studio and at Inspirations Nunawading every 3rd month. When signing up you can choose date and location to suit. 

Full Day Venetian Plaster Training Workshop


  • All essential tools and materials

  • Take home sample boards showcasing your new skills.

  • A formal certificate of completion

  • A provided lunch on training day

  • Access to technical phone assistance whenever required, ensuring continuous support

  • An exclusive 10% discount on any orders made within the initial 12 months

  • An invitation to our online discussion platform allowing applicators to discuss new and emerging finishes and techniques and learn together

Upskill With Venetian Plaster Workshops 




Render/Solid Plasterer






And more!

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Whether you're a beginner or have some experience with polished plaster, our comprehensive training equips you to excel as a Venetian Plasterer or integrate Venetian Plaster seamlessly into your business.

Have any questions before signing up? Get in touch with our team:

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