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Marmorino Unic is a semi fine Marmorino that can be burnshed to a high shine and exihibits fine marble agregates in its appearance. This product is typically seen through Venice and Milan as one of the most popular decorative finishes. Textured finishes are also possible using Marmorino Unic albeit slighly less course then traditional Marmoino or Travertino 

Marmorino Unic 18kg

SKU: 265
  • Marmorino Unic (powder)

    • For internal and use only or in external under cover areas 
    • Surfaces must be primed with our venetian plaster primer
    • Tinters supplied free of charge
    • Typically a 2 .5 coat application 
    • Mix with potable water
    • approx coverage 0.5-1kg/m2 (per coat)
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